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Soul Nourishing Sex, Deeper Intimacy and Effortless Abundance

Discover how conscious sex is the gateway to peak experiences of bliss, intimacy and love, and in manifesting the life you were born to live. Energetic Lovemaking is about so much more than just what happens in bed. It’s about unlocking your own potential to be magnetic, passionate and thriving. And, YES, you’ll find the 30-minute full body orgasms along the way, too!

My Story

From corporate rat race to orgasmic, purposeful living

After graduating with three Masters in Finance, Banking and International Marketing, and 15 years of fitting in into corporate structures while using fat bonuses, casual sex and retail therapy to cover up a lack of fulfillment, I redesigned my life completely.

As I dug deep for answers on my path to self-discovery, I came across conscious sexuality and experienced my first full body orgasm at the age of 35.

Today I can have 25 orgasms in a row with or without a partner. I am radiant, creative, confident, full of energy and looking and feeling younger than ever.
Now I’m on a mission to share how I got here with you. Our society struggles with intimacy now more than ever. I’ve taken what I learned during my time in the business world to craft the kind of sex education we all need not only for great sex, but for richly fulfilling lives.

Over the past years, I’ve shared Energetic Lovemaking with thousands of people across the world, sparking frank conversations in the places where you’d least expect it.


From corporate rat race to orgasmic, purposeful living


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